stay tuned

It’s been a year, you guys. A really long, hard, dark, cold, rough year.  But now it’s bright and fun and hopeful, so I’m back to blog.  (Honestly I was afraid some of you might actually want to sleep for a week from depression if I blogged during my Really Long Year.)

I shut down the blog late last summer because we were embarking on a new business adventure and I totally screwed something up when I tried to buy a domain name.  In a fit of pretty irrational anger at WordPress (not their fault but yanno, so sry) I deleted all of my posts and wiped out my theme.  Amazingly enough I actually got a lot of questions about where everything went; apparently I had more than three readers all along so LUCKY YOU I’M BACK (again).

As for updates: The job I got last summer is fantastic but one of the hardest lessons I’ve learned working here is that I need to be home with my kids for a little while longer.  I’m leaving my position at the end of this month and I’ll be looking for opportunities to work on a freelance basis, and I’ll also be helping manage our still-fledgling tattoo studio downtown.  This transition has left me truly ambivalent: on one hand, I love my coworkers and the autonomy of being gainfully employed.  On the other hand, this will be the last summer before both kids are in grade school full time, and now I have the freedom to spend that time with them.

Stay tuned!


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