Love Letter

I had two interactions this past week that, alone, seemed to be just things.  Just weird blips in the universe.  The first happened during the process of paying bills, and deciding on whether or not to keep paying for this domain name.  After all, I’m not a brand or an industry expert.  In the end I asked myself one question in order to help me figure out which way to go with the direction: Why do I blog?

The other blip happened this weekend, as I was picking my kids up from their grandma’s house after a weekend sleepover.  I had a second of guilt thinking that this was the first year since I had my son (he’s 7) that I haven’t been with my kids on the Fourth of July. But they’re getting older and neither have ever been huge fans of fireworks anyways.  They had a blast, my husband and I had a holiday date night, and as far as I can tell they’re not traumatized. (I think)

For whatever karmic reason these two blips crossed paths and gave me clarity: I blog FOR my kids.  I don’t do it to boost rank or become a digital rock star.  I’m an awful baker and I have little patience for any craft project with more than 3 steps.  My blog is an open love letter to these two amazing humans.  I’m writing this for them to find in years when they can start to understand they were so awesome that I needed to tell the world about it. If one day I do end up being a household name brand (I mean, stranger things have happened) then I’ll have an even larger audience reading my heart.

My kids don’t know how wordless they leave me sometimes – and I don’t expect them to.  Soon there’ll be more and more days that we don’t spend together (holidays or not) and those are the days that I can come back to my love letter and recall special moments we shared.  My mom was fastidious about keeping scrapbooks for my brother and myself, and they were like gold in our household.  We laughed and rolled our eyes but now I know exactly why she did it.



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